The Approach

XploreNations desires to offer higher Biblical education, with a spirit-filled emphasis, to individuals around the globe. There are a variety of dynamics that can hinder students from pursuing that education, such as jobs, finances, transportation, etc. With these factors in mind, XploreNations possesses a combination of features that make it utterly unique in meeting the needs of nearly any student in any nation.


The Features


  • Evening and Weekend Instruction – All fulltime students receive instruction during scheduled 12-session segments each month. The instruction generally takes place in the evenings and/or on weekends, depending on the nation. This is a concentrated teaching for one specific subject (
  • A Streamlined, Cost-Effective Program – The college is able to offer a high quality program at an affordable cost through several structural efficiencies:


1) Since the campuses are located in local churches, there is not the overhead expense of facilities.

2) In most cases, these campuses are centrally located so that students are not hindered by lack of transportation.


3) The evenings and weekend class schedule permits the college to use instructors who have occupations and professions which keep them busy during the day but who additionally wish to contribute their talents and insights to the education of students in a Christian environment.

4) The college does not support an intercollegiate athletic program, usually a costly undertaking.

5) Tuition varies by the nation, as some nations are more affluent than others. In some cases, where the nation is in abject poverty, tuition is solely on a donation basis. With this arrangement, any student who desires to seek higher Biblical education is able to do so.


  • The instructors teaching the courses travel from around the globe and volunteer their time and donate their travel expenses. Thus, there is not the overhead of instructor’s salaries. These are seasoned instructors who have spent many years in the ministry and have a selfless desire to share the Gospel.
  •  A Thoroughly Christian Enterprise – Above all, the entire program of the college is based on a common commitment to Jesus Christ that sets the context for all that takes place.