Deepen Your Knowledge

XploreNations Bible College provides an in depth study of the Word of God offering classes such as Basics of Faith, Prayer, Bible Doctrines, Christian Family, and many more.  

Grow in the Spirit

Be a part of a school that creates an atmosphere allowing the Spirit of God to move, confirming the Word through the demonstration of His power.

Fulfill Your Dream

At XploreNations, we want to help you find your God-given purpose. But we aren’t stopping there, we also want to help you walk in those dreams He’s placed in your heart!


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XploreNations News

Russ with Egyptian Grad 8.2013

Egypt Prepares for Graduation

It is an exciting time in Egypt as they prepare for their 2nd graduation ceremony. Approximately 250 students will graduate with degrees in August! These students have persevered in conditions of persecution and civil unrest. Oh, but God – He surely made a way!

El Salvador Nation

4 Families Receive Christ!

The XN campuses of Central America have been going into the surrounding communities for outreach projects. One such campus in El Salvador went door to door asking residents what they could do to help them. With that outreach, 4 families received Christ and all were in church the next Sunday! Glory To God! This is […]




Thank you for the teachings and experiences that have brought me closer to our wonderful God. I can never fully explain how being in the Presence of God can change you, but it does. I will never be the same and I am happy that those around me in our class will never be the same also. I am excited and can’t wait to see what God is going to do for all of us and those around us. Call me what you may want to as long as you know that I am that girl who is ” Sold Out for Jesus”.

Xplorenations USA Student

The first time I was invited to Bible School felt a special connection with everything that surrounded the school. The preacher, the place, the message, people, etc.. The love of God flooded my heart in a special way and could not stop crying. I could access a new knowledge of my Father through the school, a new dimension of the love of God that was being offered in front of me and did not want to miss the opportunity …

Estrella Alfaro – Student XploreNations Spain